Planet Diameter: 4,879 km
Distance from the Sun: 0.39 au
Distance in km: 57,910,00 km
Distance in light minutes: 3 Light Minutes
Mercury day: 58.65 days
Orbit: 87.97 days
Number of Moons: 0
Temperature: 90 K night side 700 K day side
Naked eye object

Mercury is the 11th largest object in the solar system
Jupiters moon Ganymede and Saturns moon Titan are larger then Mercury
Mercury was visited by one spacecraft Mariner 10 in 1974
A new spacecraft Messenger left the Earth August 2004 and
will start to orbit Mercury in 2011

Where to find Mercury this month

au: Astronomical Unit, distance from the Earth to the Sun, ~150 million km
Light Second: ~300,000 km
Light Minute: ~18 million km
Light Hour: ~1 billion km
Light Year: ~9.5 trillion km
Absolute Zero : 0 K = -273.15C = -459.67 F
Melting point of water: 273.15 K = 0 C = 32 F
Boiling point of water: 373.15 K = 100 C = 212 F